Monthly Archives: March 2007

Standing out

This is the most stunning outfit – very jaw-dropping.


Forever21 dresses

Every year Forever21 has the cutest spring/summer dress. For example:

Steve Madden Shoes

These shoes are so cute. If only I could justify another pair of yellow shoes.

Healthy Cookies

I realize this is not really fashion related, but these cookies are fabulous. I used to buy one once in awhile from Jamba Juice, and then I realized they have a web site and you can order in bulk. They also sell muffins. Link.

Bright Accent Colors

I love the idea of making a bold statement with bright primary colors – especially when the rest of the outfit is neutral.

Fall 2007: Anna Sui



Goldenbleu Handbags

I love the spring line of Goldenbleu handbags: