Japanese Street Fashion

I love looking at Japanese street fashion. It always reminds me that it’s important to take risks, express yourself through your clothing, and to have fun with fashion!


8 responses to “Japanese Street Fashion

  1. Great images. Makes me want to go to Japan just to photograph these trend-setters.

  2. I dress wry much like that…me like!

  3. heyy heyy…
    omg i luv ya style! awsum as!
    hehe luvs ya
    toodles doodles

  4. call me crazy but I love!!!! This style I wonder where they get there clothes and if this store has a web site.? 🙂

  5. Marco Aldo Fusi

    Dear Sirs/Ladies

    We have found your photos really interesting and, since we currently editing a book on fashion sociology, we would like to put on its cover one of your pictures (Japanese_Street_Fashion_by_hakanphotography.jpg) together with other 3 photos. Would you so kind to allow us to do so? Awaiting your kind reply
    Best regards


  6. wow i really love ur japanese dress… the way u wear it.. its kwl/////

  7. Very nice post with a ton of informative information. I really appreciate the fact that you approach these topics from a stand point of knowledge and information. nadogradnja kose Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome post with us.

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