Street Style

Everything about this is perfect – the colors, textures, and layers.


7 responses to “Street Style

  1. would you be able to tell me the ebay seller that you bought those gorgeous necklaces from? if you want, you can email me. thank you in advance!!!!

  2. The seller is Chlorisgift.


  3. perrrfect …love the attitude behind the outfit

  4. very nice.. but denim is from paris 🙂
    Vive paris
    concernant la photo les bottes sur des collants sa date un peu mais bon.. les states c’est loin de paris il en faut du temps

  5. Uhm…sauf qu’elle ne porte pas de collent, mais des jeans…

    It’s a really nice outfit, I just hate the belt…it’s placed too low making it look uncomfortable (as if it’s about to fall) and making her legs look short

  6. hi everyone

    that is a great selection of looks

    i am Kamel from Paris

    i do street style photo romances and people like that

    lots of my readers wrote me that parisian girls are the most stylish girls in the world
    what do you think about it ?

    i’ll be glad to have your feeling about it
    just have a look and let me know

    i wish you a great day !


  7. corina contreras gauchet

    me hubiese gustado con tacos altos para estilizar las piernas.

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