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More eBay goodies

This dress was advertised as vintage, but I’m not sure it really is. Either way, it’s cute.

I decided to get a dress form as well:


Hand-crafted eBay necklaces

I’ve found some great handcrafted necklaces on eBay. All of them for under $30.


Mara Hoffman Dress for sale

I’m selling this Mara Hoffman dress on eBay. Please check out my auction:

See my eBay auction

I bought these rain boots on eBay. I was searching and searching for a pair that looked chic enough to wear to work or around town. I finally found these. They’re vintage 80’s Anne Klein boots in sort of a reptile print. I need rain boots because I have to walk about 10 minutes everyday from my car to my office and in the rainy months it can be brutal. I refuse to ruin leather and suede shoes this year!