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Fall 2007: Anna Sui




Goldenbleu Handbags

I love the spring line of Goldenbleu handbags:




Purple Denim

I don’t know what it is, but I am drawn to purple denim.

More eBay goodies

This dress was advertised as vintage, but I’m not sure it really is. Either way, it’s cute.

I decided to get a dress form as well:

Japanese Street Fashion

I love looking at Japanese street fashion. It always reminds me that it’s important to take risks, express yourself through your clothing, and to have fun with fashion!

Fashion Icon: Cindy Sherman

Whenever I need a little inspiration…

Vivienne Westwood: 36 Years in Fashion

I am so excited for the new exhibit at the de Young museum in San Francisco. I’m going to journey to the City next weekend to check it out.

Vivienne Westwood is both iconoclast and global icon. In the 1970s, she electrified the world with the launch of punk fashion and went on to become one of the most inventive and influential designers of our time. Fashion to her became “a baby I picked up and never put down.”

This exhibition, which was organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and which makes the de Young its only U.S. stop on an international tour, celebrates Westwood’s extraordinary, nearly 40-year-long career. Known best for her fearless nonconformity, she also has a profound respect for the past and looks to it for inspiration. With tradition as her springboard, she takes historic garments such as corsets and crinolines and reinvents them in new ways or uses thoroughly British fabrics like tartans and tweeds to create fashion that gently parodies Establishment styles. However outrageous or provocative the result, her approach has always been practical. She is driven by a curiosity about how things work, and her work reflects her systematic exploration of the structure of historical costume in museum collections.

Westwood’s extraordinary range and inventiveness is showcased in the more than 150 objects that make up the exhibition, all drawn from her personal archive and the V&A’s collection. The work spans the extremes of fashion, from London street style to the catwalks of Paris and London, and reveals Westwood’s own evolution from subversive shop owner to one of fashion’s most respected figures.